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Kodak Scanner Ds Calibration Target Pack

Manufacturer: Kodak
Product Name: Ds Calibration Target Pack For Kodak Scanner
Catalog Number: 1271436
Product Category: Supply - Paper Scanner
Brand Name: Kodak
Product Model(s): I100/I200/I1400
Additional Information: Ds Calibration Target Pack For Kodak Scanner. Calibration Target: a calibration target will last longer if the recommended maintenance of the scanner is followed. Variables such as paper types (i.e., carbonless paper), dirty feed rollers, which can transfer debris on the target, etc. will shorten the usage of the calibration target. Always clean your scanner before calibrating, Kodak Calibration Targets (5 per package) 12- x 12-inch
Product Description: Ds Calibration Target Pack For Kodak Scanner, Scanner Supply Price


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