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Fujitsu Scanner Part Pick Roller fi-5015C

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Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Product Name: Fujitsu fi-5015C Paper Scanner Pick Roller
Catalog Number: pa03209-0551
Product Category: Supply - Paper Scanner
Brand Name: Fujitsu
Product Model(s): fi-5015C
Additional Information:
This is the Fujitsu Pick Roller Unit for the Fujitsu FI-5015C Scanner. Fujitsu recommends that it be replaced or recycled every 100,000 sheets or one year.
Note! Replacement cycles are based upon 80g/m2 (20 lb) A4 paper and may vary for different paper types. The scanners driver will display a message whenever time has come to replace scanner consumables.
Product Description: Fujitsu fi-5015C Paper Scanner Pick Roller, Supply Price


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