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Kodak Ngenuity 9090DC Paper Scanner

The Ngenuity 9090DC scanner offers optimal image quality and scans a wider range of documents than any other scanner in its class. Its easy-to-use operator interface and smart front panel functionality makes it very user-friendly and is ideal for businesses in industries such as healthcare, financial services, insurance, government, and more.



Impressive speed of 90 ppm

Scans the widest range of documents than any other scanner in its class

Delivers an unprecedented combination of intelligent paper handling

Component tested to last more than 50 million scans

Straight pass through paper path for exception documents such as envelopes



Recommended Daily Volume: Unlimited

Color: Yes

Scanning Speed - Portrait: 70 ppm / 140 ipm – 200 dpi / Bitonal, color and grayscale

Scanning Speed - Landscape: 90 ppm / 180 ipm – Lanscape at 200 dpi

Resolution: Output: 600 dpi



Small Roller Kit - Ngenuity (Part No CNS1100)

Medium Roller Kit – Ngenuity (Part No CNS1101)

Large Roller Kit – Ngenuity (Part No CNS1102

Ngenuity Cleaning Kit (Part No CNS1106)



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