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KIRTAS KABIS II book scanner

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The Kabis II Plus system delivers quality results, including superior images, high accuracy OCR, comprehensive metadata, and complete book integrity. This new model can scan pages at a rate of 2,000 images per minute with a 110 degree positioning which is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and is ideal for fragile and rare books.



Automatic and Manual with speeds from 300-2,000 pages per hour

Captures images at true 325 x 325 ppi and 400 x 400 ppi, 24bit color

Patented SmartCradle™ Dynamic book handler, with auto-centering

Low-stress support for rare, fragile books

Robotics that are gentler than the human hand



Automatic, Semi-automatic, Manual Operation

Up to 2,000 images per hour

Paper Edge Sensor and Enhanced Page Separator reliability

Output – JPEG, CR2, TIFF, JPEG2000, image only PDF and PDF/A with BSE Processing

OCR Output – Searchable PDF, PDF/A, XML, Word, TXT



Barcode Scanner

Height-adjustable, ergonomic table

BookScan Editor™ Pro Upgrade (OCR)



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