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Book2Net scanner Spirit book

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The SPIRIT is the first affordable high resolution book scanner for public use. This scanner is new technology in the reproduction of books and is used in many major libraries and government offices. Known for its convenience, the SPIRIT has dramatically changed the process in the reading rooms.



No keyboard or mouse, and no software to learn

Simply place the book or document on the cradle and after a few seconds, you have a USB image

Very cost efficient - no paper - no supplies

Uses considerably less energy than a photocopier, requiring only a fraction of the maintenance



Embedded PC - 15 inch Touch Screen

Scan Speed - 0.2 seconds

Cycle Time - 0.7 seconds (fully processed image)

Scan Area - 13.82 X 19.21 inches

File Formats - PDF, JPEG and TIFF

Automatic Exposure and Color Correction



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